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Ari is absolutely great full-stack expert and a very passionate teacher. Ari's brilliant instructions and comprehensive tutorials helped to bring us up-to speed and to increase our uptime. I highly recommend his new amazing book Riding the Rails with AngularJS to anyone trying to use Rails and AngularJS!
Azat Mardanov author of RPJS.co and ExpressJSGuide.com
Ari has a very unique ability to teach in a way that sparks those Aha! moments for beginners, while also cementing the foundation of more experienced developers. I have thoroughly enjoyed using Ari’s various educational resources to improve upon my skill set and I know I would not be the engineer I am today were it not for him; this book is no exception.
Tyler McGinnis student at Hack Reactor and front-end developer & designer.
If you are new to Angular, or just want a comprehensive and easy to guide on integration with rails this book is for you.
Gregory Hilkert Cofounder of Idea Haven and software engineer
This book came at a perfect time for me. I needed to integrate AngularJS with an existing Rails app, and it helped me get up to speed quickly. In just one weekend I got basics figured out and had Rails serving up an AngularJS version of my app
Fred Zirdung Explorer. Teacher. Creator. Web Geek. Instructor at Hack Reactor

What will you learn?

  • How to effectively build an AngularJS app using the Rails asset pipeline
  • How to combine omniauth, devise, and AngularJS to provide user-facing authentication
  • How to use Yeoman with building your Rails app as an API
  • How to protect your Rails API with authentication tokens
  • How to enable CORS in your app and set your client-side free to call your Rails API
  • How to custom validate your client-side input using Rails validations.

What is AngularJS

AngularJS is an incredibly efficient, wildly-efficient client-side javascript framework that reduces complexity and development time.

Powering your Ruby on Rails with AngularJS combines two incredibly efficient frameworks that will get you building the best modern webapps around.

What we're building

Our Huffington post news sharing app, complete with authentication and sharing

We'll be building this app in two different methods: using the Rails asset pipeline and with Yeoman. You'll learn how to build this app from scratch with multi-provider authentication with dynamic content through fetching articles from a popular news source.

What you get

You get the book, full source code, and the app

Integrate Rails and AngularJS today

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Table of contents

  • Building the backbone of our app
  • Set up user model and authentication
  • Set up sharing models
  • Building our test harness
  • Angular with the Rails asset pipeline
  • Fetch the latest articles
  • Building our share service
  • Interacting with our session API
  • Client-side form validation
  • Creating the directive
  • Using Yeoman to build an app
  • Developing the app
  • Securing the app and implementing CORS
  • Implementing Authentication
  • Implementing sign-up/login on both backend and front-end
  • Make an authenticated API call
  • Introduction to $resource
  • How to bundle and deploy the app

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About the author

Ari Lerner is a Cofounder of FullStack, a full-stack engineering and development shop that works with all parts of the stack. He enjoys all parts of the development ecosystem, from infrastructure deployment through to front-end application development and optimization. He co-manages defnewsletter.com and ng-newsletter.com. He lives in the sunny part of San Francisco.

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Ari Lerner

Ari Lerner is a cofounder of fullstack.io living in beautiful San Francisco, CA. He co-manages the populare AngularJS newsletter ng-newsletter and teaches at a local programming school.

Nate Murray

Nate Murray is a cofounder of fullstack.io. Father, engineer, bass player.

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